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    Hilo Farmers Market

    The Hilo Farmers Market is held every Wednesday in the heart of town. It is a collection of booths that includes fruit, vegetable and coffee farmers. (We have been enjoying Ono coffee at work since we got back.) Additionally local artists, jewelry makers, trinket sellers and clothing hawkers sell their wares. It is a colorful, beautiful and fun market.

    We really enjoyed shopping at the Farmers Market. In many cases the seller and the creator are one in the same, no middle man. The flowers were just gorgeous I wish I had known at the time that the agriculture inspectors will allow almost all flowers on airplanes to the mainland. The fruit in the market was fresh, ripe and ready to eat. It was great having fresh fruit everyday while we were there. The best part was the prices were very reasonable.

    Palm Frond Vendor

    Jewelry and palm Frond vendor.

    Spam Musubi Bento

    Spam Musubi Bento for sale.

    Ginger Flowers

    Ginger Flower Bouquet.

    Fruit Vendor Farmers Market

    Tropical Local Fruit.

    Waikaumalo Falls Hawaiian Flower Rainforest Flower Rainforest plants
    Akaka Falls
    Akaka Falls north of Hilo.

    Hilo Area Water Falls

    Akaka Falls

    Akaka Falls is set in a lovely rain forest in the hills north of Hilo. This small park has a short loop hike that takes the visitor past two waterfalls. The highlight of the park for us were all of the tropical flowers and plants. The falls are north of Hilo, between the 13 and 14 mile marker on highway 19.

    Water Falls of Wailuku River

    Rainbow Falls, Boiling Pots, Pe'epe'e Falls and Waiale Falls are can be found east to west along Waianuenue Avenue. We liked Rainbow falls the best, but none of their settings were as nice as Akaka Falls. The falls along the highway just past mile marker 19 on highway 19 near, Waikaumalo Park are very nice.

    Top of Rainbow Falls

    View from the top of Rainbow Falls.

    Banyan Trees

    Banyan Trees next to Rainbow Falls.

    Rainbow Falls

    Rainbow falls after a rain. Note it always rains.

    Palm Frond Art

    Hilo Man crafts bowls and hats out of palm fronds.


    Good Food In Hilo: Restaurant Reviews

    We ate at two places in Hilo that ended up being our favorite food on the whole island. Mr. Ed's Bakery is in the little town of Honomu, off the main highway, on the way to Akaka Falls. We had a chocolate coconut cookie, Passion Fruit tart, Apple Monkey Bread and an incredible brownie. We talked to Mr. Ed and he says he makes all of his bread with a Hawaiian Sweet Bread base. They were all wonderful

    The Curry On The Go catering truck was parked on Kinoole Street in Hilo when we were there. We liked their Chicken Curry with stewed tomatoes and Roti so much we ate lunch from there twice. When it isn't raining there are many great places in Hilo for a picnic.

    Mr. Ed's Bakery Buildng

    Mr. Ed's Bakery building is a good example of many of the older buildings along the coast.

    Mr. Ed's Bakery

    Mr. Ed's Bakery has a huge selection of baked goods and other goodies.

    Curry On The Go

    Curry On The Go serves excellent .... Curry!

    Pescatore's Double Chocolate Truffle Cake.

    Hilo Hawaiin Hotel
    Hilo Hawaiian Hotel

    Hilo Hawaiian Hotel Review

    The Hilo Hawaiian is a nice hotel right on the Hilo Bay, only a couple of miles from the Hilo Airport. (The taxi ride was $15.) We spent one night and our visit was nice. No surprises, which is always good news. Our reservations weren't quite right, and the staff happily adjusted them. This is not one of the lavish resorts you will find on the west side of the island but clearly nicer than many of the other Hilo Hotels.

    We ate breakfast down the street at the Coconut Grill. The portions were generous and the prices were right. The kids got to order rice for breakfast for the first time.

    We also stayed a night at the Kolekole Campground, 10 miles north of town. Learn more on the camping page.

    Lili'uokalani Gardens

    Lili'uokalani Gardens next to the Hilo Hawaiian.

    Farmers Marekt Fruit

    Rambutan, Persimmons and a yellow fruit that must be an acquired taste.

    Cruise Ship in Hilo Bay

    It isn't too scary when the cruise ships descend on Hilo.

    Yellow Hibiscus

    Hibiscus grow and bloom all over the Big Island.


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